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Our Reseller Program will allow you to download once and do unlimited installs of our program on Amazon and Android devices. Make money in your spare time. Full instructions and unlimited support allows you to sell our APP without any worry. FREE instructions. Make over 4 units @ $40 or more ea. an hour. That's $160 per hour p/t cash.. You need no knowledge of KODI and very little computer knowledge.

Sell to your friends & family. Start a part time job selling to retailers like Barber Shops, Beauty Salons, etc (any place with a TV and wireless/ethernet connection). 

We have sold over 250 units in less than three months LOCALLY!!! You can too, We sell worldwide with no issues.  Our product sells itself. Repeat customers. Fully warranted hardware for one year. 

NO CASH OUTLAY   Reload Amazon Sticks and TV Boxes and make money. If you don't want to load the devices you may purchase preloaded Android box from us at a discount (min 3ea.). Buy and Sell our own Andorid Box that can do all the streaming plus Gaming, Web Browsing, Gmail, etc... Faster than Amazon devices. it's a PC in a box with a 64 bit quad processor up to 32 gig ram and external HD support.

Like it. Ad a wireless keyboard, mouse, gaming controllers and you have all your entertainment in one device.

Forget KODI........ We do the builds for you and support it on OUR own platform.

Very little computer knowledge needed. . 

We keep our program up to date via the cloud so you don't have to do any support. 

We continually update our APP and push out to your customers via the web. 

(516) 253-0702

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