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A Wide World Of Streaming Content

Avoid the perils of illegally streaming content with legal access to countless television series, international channels, and movies with New York-based SURFURWORLD Entertainment. We provide an affordable way to access your favorite entertainment channels and music worldwide with a downloadable app or preloaded device.  

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User-Friendly & Fully Loaded

Rather than purchasing a "jail broken device" from a friend, eBay®, or Craigslist™, you can access extensive legal content with our fully loaded app. The alternative approach requires you to be tech-savvy just to get raw content, and it's time-consuming to learn. Additionally, there is no remote support for broken links, loading issues, or a blank screen. It is even possible that you could trash the program and not know how to fix it. Your option is to learn the iOS and then spend hours uninstalling, reinstalling, and configuring your system. When there is an iOS upgrade, you would then need to wipe your device and do the upgrade yourself.

Dual-Link Cloud Access

Our app installs in less than 15 minutes on any Android device. Our service includes our Santa Cruz everyday app and our Santa Cruz Updater app. Run the updater at least once a month to check for any additions that we have pushed to our cloud. These updates install the latest links and delete any that are dead. If you make changes or delete the app, you can also run the updater to reinstall at no charge. We will always provide at least two links to choose from, in case one goes dead in between updates.

3 Install choices to choose from

If you already own an Android Device

1) Download our app directly to your Android Device from our website

2) Send us your Device and we will load it for you. Order the service from our Ebay store

Don't have one yet

3) Order our own Android box on Ebay pre loaded with our APP

Low-Cost, High-Quality Content

With an annual charge of $39.99,and you will receive the Santa Cruz app with support and updates. If at any time you are unsatisfied with our service, you can cancel.

Santa Cruz vs KODI™

KODI™ version 16.1 (Jan 2016) does update on startup, most add-on's update as well. But what happens when your add-on links die ie; Sports Devil, you have to go into KODI™ and disable it, then find, download and install a different add-on. Santa Cruz has a seperate app called Santa Cruz Updater, it will check the build on our cloud servers and if we made an app change, you just click and install the latest version. No other streaming app does this.  

Unlimited Tech Support

Rather than troubleshooting on your own, our app comes with unlimited technical support. When you purchase our product, you deserve our support to ensure that you can watch your programming uninterrupted.