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The Surfurworld staff has changed the way users access streamed internet data.  This is truly the WAVE OF THE FUTURE starting NOW.  Whether it's Live TV, Binge watching TV Series, Movies, HD TV, Kids Movies and Cartoons, Sports,  all Premium channels etc. Well you get the picture. If your at our website then you already know what your looking for.  Watch Local Channels from your Native Country!!

The problem with this new Technology is simple..... IT'S NEW...  Mainly the Tech Savvy folks can handle it. It's raw and time consuming to learn. Remote support of these devices for anyone has been a paramount issue. In the past, you would buy a "Jail Broken" device from a buddy or purchase a "Jail Broken loaded Device" on the Internet thru EBay or Craig's List.  Support is weak at best.

What happens when the links are broken or you have issues with the usual "Loading" and nothing appears on screen, or you trashed the program? Where do you turn? Who do you call? NO ONE... Your choice is to learn the IOS and spend hours uninstalling, reinstalling & configuring or your toast.. And what about doing IOS upgrades?? You really want to wipe your device and upgrade it yourself? Well, we don't think you should do that either. 

TILL NOW......................... 

No more waiting for a phone call back from your buddy or Tech Support.  We believe if you purchase our "Build" you deserve support, unlimited support.  That's what we offer.

Why pay $40-60  for a friend to load it or buy off EBay. SAVE MONEY AND INSTALL IT YOURSELF IN LESS THAN 15 MINUTES!!! 

So here is how it works......

You download our ONLINE app from our secure server and install  it. That's it, plain and simple.

You will have TWO APP's, One is SANTA CRUZ and the other is SANTA CRUZ UPDATER You will use SANTA CRUZ for your everyday APP and run SANTA CRUZ UPDATER at least once a month to check for any updates we have pushed up to our cloud, automatically. These updates will install the latest links that work and delete the ones that went dead. Install all program updates, etc.  If you had made any changes or the APP is deleted, no worries. Just run SANTA CRUZ UPDATER to reinstall at NO CHARGE.

We will always provide at least two links to choose from in case one goes dead between updates

We hope that you will help provide us info thru email with broken links, suggestions and comments.

We offer to provide you ease of use. You will feel so comfortable knowing you don't have to support it you can give it to grandma as a gift!!!

 Just think how much money they will save on their cable bill. It's HUGE

Kodi® We use our own version of KODI called Santa Cruz and in no way suggest or imply that the content we load on our app is from KODI

FREE 5 day TRIAL Your purchase $39.99 annually includes supprt and updates.