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Amazon Fire TV/Stick and ALL other Android devices eliminates the need for DVRs!  Almost EVERY TV SHOW AND MOVIE EVER MADE are available… FOR FREE!  No waiting for slow downloads again. Everything is streamed, so you do not have to wait for downloads, have any pop ups or watch annoying ads. You will find any MOVIE, TV SERIES, Live SPORTS GAMES, and even LIVE TV!  International channels are also available on this device. Why pay high cable costs when you have everything on this device. 

Cut your cable bills and get rid of the premium high cost channels, Netflix,RedBox, HBO, Starz etc.  There are so many channels and shows available for free, LIVE, and from HULU, Navi-X, IceFilms, 1channel, and more! Also includes all default FIRE TV APPS and allows you to download even more apps through the Amazon app market. 

Questions & Answers

Q: Is this LEGAL. 

A: YES, we do NOT use any Streams that allow your Device to SEND (Upload) your viewing data to the Internet to be shared and never downloaded.

Q: Do I need a membership in order to use the Amazon fire tv?

A: You don't need any membership to watch programs, but you will need to create an Amazon account, no credit card or purchase required. Also, If you already have an Amazon account and/or Prime and order your device from Amazon, Your account is already configured for your device. It will sync with what you have  read, watched, etc from the Amazon site. Very nice...........

Q: How do you connect the Amazon fire tv stick to the TV? 

A: It comes with a HDMI extender, but you can also plug it directly into the HDMI port of your TV. Avoid using your TV's USB port. Use the supplied power adapter for best performance.

 Q: How do you connect the Amazon Fire TV to the TV?

A: Same as the stick (above). Be sure to order the HDMI cable in the accessories section if you don't already have one.  It's NOT included.

Q: Do i have to connect the Amazon fire TV stick to my pc or tablet in order to use it?

A: No, you don't need any computer. As long as you have internet at home wireless or wired, you are good to go.

Q: If for some reason, I reset my Fire TV and lose all files, then what?

A: Contact us and we will allow you to redownload the entire package. FREE OF CHARGE. Must be a registered user

Q: Do I need an internet connection?

A; Yes you do need internet access.  Wireless for the Stick and wireless or Ethernet to your Router (faster) on the Fire TV (Highly recommend TV,... much faster..)

What does it include?

100,000's of Thousands of movies
Movies yet to be released on DVD, Thousands of TV Show channels, Live streaming Cable TV channels, Channels from around the world
Live Sports, Kids section
and many many more… Watch your Local TV Stations LIVE from your Native Countries!!!

Q: Which is better the Stick or BOX?

A: The box is much faster, includes 4K, USB port, both wireless and wired ethernet connection 


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