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Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

REMOTE not responding

To re-pair hold down the "HOME" key at 10 second intervals till the box responds.

SANTA CRUZ keeps Crashing when watching a movie or show

This is a video issue. From MAIN screen in Santa Cruz arrow down to bottom panel, then arrow down again. You get a white screen, click OK. You will now be in the Settings Section. Arrow down to VIDEOS hit OK, Arrow down to Standard and click OK. It should change to Advanced. Arrow up to Acceleration click OK, Arrow right to Allow Hardware acceleration -MediaCodec (Standard) and click to turn off. 

"SANTA CRUZ" program not responding

unplug power to device and restart it.

SANTA CRUZ Updater Extraction ERROR

In order to run the UPDATER  program you must "quit" Santa Cruz so the media player unloads. It is recommened you reboot device and go directly to the Santa Cruz Updater program. Say "YES" to download and reinstall the app.

BUFFERING  Circle spins but nothing happens

Most times the link stream is down or saturated with users. Choose another link. This is common on Live Programs. 

POOR Picture quality (grainy)

Always try to pick a stream that says 1080P or HD. When movies first hit the movie theaters they will be of poor quality for a few weeks. Avoid using streams the say CAM, these are the worst quality.


To adjust the screen size, go to Settings, Display and zoom out, try setting the ratio to 90% 


Using "SEARCH" is a great way to find movies, actors, tv shows, etc. You can get to SEARCH by clicking down one more time under "GENRE" 

Audio changes (Dolby 5.1) can be made in Santa Cruz app. On main screen arrow down one more time from bottom row. Your screen will turn white. Click enter "OK" to access the setting. You will find audio settings on left side.

Many new users ask if they can get Netflix, HBO, Showtime, etc.  We don't use stations, just movie names.

Monterey IPTV is a subscription based IPTV Live TV Channels. It uses a VPN to get quality Live TV shows from around the World. We currently have over 850 Channels in many langauges.

MOBDRO is live TV and is pretty cool. Check it out

You can also ad a wireless keyboard and mouse to surf the web. You can also ad a Memory card up to 32 gig and an external HD or Thumb drive.