Watch the Movies You Love Without Pop-Ups

Change the way that you watch movies and stream data with our app from Long Island, New York-based SURFURWORLD Entertainment. Our simple Santa Cruz app will give you access to an endless menu of movies, television shows, and live programming worldwide.

Our Content

Whether you are looking to watch live television or binge watch an entire TV series, we deliver the content you want with seamless streaming. Watch HD television, children’s movies and cartoons, and premium channels. Discover movies that have not even been released on DVD or access international channels from other countries. Eliminate your cable bill, DVR, and the added cost of Netflix™, HBO®, or Starz®. Rather than renting movies from Redbox®, You can access nearly every television show and movie for free with Santa Cruz.

Ditch the Pop-Ups

Forget about slow downloads or pop-ups with obnoxious ads. Our system is so simple and comes with thorough support so that even your grandmother can easily use it. Enjoy your favorite broadcasts without frustrating buffering.

Live Sports

Enjoy watching live sports coverage in real time without delays. Stream your favorite sports, including:

Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, All College Sports, WWE, Ice Hockey, Motor Sports, Tennis, Golf

Sports from around the World Legal Streaming

Our system is entirely legal as we do not use any streams that allow the device to send viewing data to the Internet to be shared. Enjoy our app without worry.